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Main role in the project: Coordinator of the project, developer of fabrication methods. The main activities of the company are design and production of custom 3D laser precision micro processing systems and fabrication of 3D micro- and nano-structures using femtosecond laser for applications in different fields.
Main role in the project: Developer of laser technologies. Amphos manufactures the most powerful ultrashort pulse lasers worldwide. Output power or more than 1.5W in continuous mode and 20 000W in burst-mode. Pulse radiation down to 100fs, pulse energy up to 50 mJ. Applications from science to industry.
Main role in the project: Developer of machinery. The University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is one the 7 UAS in Switzerland. It has a university statute focused on applied research.
Main role in the project: Developer of surface patterns. The Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), established in 1983, is one of the largest research centers in Greece with well organized facilities, highly qualified personnel and a reputation as a top-level research foundation worldwide.
Main role in the project: Maritime applications end-user. Rolla is a designer and manufacturer of naval propellers. The company has an extensive know-how in the development of driven equipment for maritime propulsion systems.
Main role in the project: Aviation end-user. The main work and experience of Aerea is the development, engineering, production, maintenance and logistics support for aeronautical equipment for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, mostly aircrafts and helicopters.
Main role in the project: Developer of sensing system. Heliotis’ core activities consist of the development, production and sale of industrial 3D measuring systems.
Main role in the project: General end-user. Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) is a leading UK R&D centre in surface engineering (laser surface engineering in particular).
Main role in the project: Developer of surface measurement technology. Ramteid works with the projects in internet-based processing and high data-rate cloud computing with a strong background in computer vision.