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The main objective of FemtoSurf project is to develop, test and demonstrate industrial-grade solidstate 2-3 kW-level fs laser with parameters suitable for metal surface patterning applicable in industrial settings. FemtoSurf industrial-grade 2-3kW level fs laser will be integrated in propose built optical chain enabling multi-beam processing, integrated into a fully automated processing setup for efficient patterning arbitrary shaped metal components with sizes exceeding several meters while retaining micrometre level precision and on-the fly quality assessment (zero faulty parts delivered).


Developing 2-3 kW femtosecond industrial grade laser

Advanced system of guiding and controlling kW level radiation
Arbitrary shaped metal parts available for micro-patterning process.

The overall concept underpinning the project is the development of a system for the treatment of large surface areas using kW-level femtosecond (fs) laser for metallic surface nano- to milli-patterning for enhanced surface repelling and/or adhesion properties, leading to increased durability, self-cleaning, anti-fouling, or enhanced tissue attachment.

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