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Ship building
Fouling is a massive issue in all sea fairing vessels, resulting in increased drag and fuel consumption, raising both operational costs and carbon footprint of ships.  The anti-fouling surface structures on ship propellers implemented in FemtoSurf will lead to massive decrease in fuel consumption and maintenance of ships, directly impacting maritime industry and indirectly worldwide shipping industry, as decrease in fouling should result in operational costs decrease as much as 161 thousand euros for single 42 meters long crew vessel.
Wear and contamination of aviation components that are under constant stress is a major issue, as it requires constant cleaning/restoration operations that are complex and costly. The surface treatment developed in FemtoSurf will allow the covering aeroplane or spacecraft components in surface patterns enhancing their self-cleaning properties and reducing the overall friction between components under heavy load. Having in mind the delicacy and complexity of devices used in air or space travel, FemtoSurf solution will dramatically enhance the lifetime and, in turn, profitability in aerospace sector.
The surface properties of any medical device play very important role in medicine, at it determines biocompatibility, reaction to drugs and, most importantly for implants, repulsion or adhesion to living tissue. Indeed, currently used titanium implants play a major role in orthopaedics, as it allows to replace sick or damaged bones. FemtoSurf solution would allow to directly tune the properties of titanium implants, including targeted induction of repulsion or adhering in designated areas of the implant. Therefore, FemtoSurf solution will lead to giant leap forward in the functionality and longevity of orthopaedic implants.
Tool manufacturing
Lubricants play enormous role in modern tool manufacturing, reducing wear of industrial tools and making the whole process smooth. Using FemtoSurf technology, patterns can be created to guide lubricant to specific places of the machining setup. Also, friction can be reduced by surface patterns in the operations where lubricant cannot be used due to adverse conditions (ultra-high temperature, for instance) of the process.
FemtoSurf system will enable manufacturing of metal components with unlimited shape, sizes from milimeters to meters with precision of micrometers. Because of high tunability of FemtoSurf system, processed components will have surfaces with highly repelling, highly adhering properties, or both that could be made on different sections of the same part fully in accordance with given application.