Friction and wear manipulation results

2021 04 01

Friction and wear manipulation - one of the FemtoSurf technology applications.
The structured surface acts in two ways:
1) Reduces the contact area between two joining surfaces,
2) For the wet friction where the lubricant is used between two parts, the surface structure acts as certain guiding channels and reservoirs for lubricant to be placed in.
What is more, if any abrasive material is being created or chipped-of from the surfaces, it could be expelled or trapped inside these micro-structures, preserving the longevity of the part.
In the example picture the friction reduction of stainless steel sample is shown and compared with non-structured surface. The chosen micro-geometry was dimpled structure. The micro-texturing resulted in ~6 times lower friction coefficient!
This type of surface functionalization looks very promising for heavy industry applications.