FemtoSurf presented in virtual Micronora 2020 conference

2020 09 24

September 24 FemtoSurf technology and project results were presented in virtual Micronora ( conference. Femtika team member Gabrielius Kontenis talked about ultrafast laser texturing of surfaces: towards industrial scale production. Short description of the speech: Femtosecond lasers were proven to be a powerful tool in surface structuring. As surfaces play an enormous role in everyday life there were numerous attempts in utilizing femtosecond laser structured surfaces. In most cases, research rarely exceeded proof of concept stage. One of the key challenges preventing laser surface structuring from becoming a widespread solution is the structuring rate. Due to complex light-matter interaction happening between incident light and surface, features of such patterns can be as small as hundreds of nm while overall multi-scale hierarchical structures can be created. We present a study aimed at evaluating what parameters are best for specific applications. An attention to surface chemistry is given and what methods are needed for high throughput manufacturing. Target applications include antifouling, osseointegration and friction reduction.